We have some general rules and some server specific rules. Here we will post the general rules. Server specific rules may overwrite general rules. For example or up coming anarchy server has only a few rules.

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Spam/Command Spam
(Warning -> 30m Mute -> 1h Mute -> 12h Mute -> 3d Mute -> 7d Mute -> Permanent Mute)
Repeating the same phrase or commands (such as /afk) multiple times. Command spam will be replaced with a ban instead of a mute.

Persistently speaking a foreign language
(Warning -> 15m mute -> 30min mute -> 3h mute -> 6h mute -> 12h mute)
Speaking a foreign language in public chats. We use American English as official language. You are allowed to speak your native language in /team chat and /msg.

Inappropriate language
(Verbal Warning -> Warning -> 30m Mute -> 3h Mute -> 12h Mute -> 3d Mute -> 7d Mute -> Permanent Mute)
Bypassing the swear filter or making sexual comments and phrases.

Hate Speech
(3h Ban -> 1d Ban -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
This includes any type of racism or homophobia. Casual slang such as ‘gay’ will not be punished for unless clearly being used to offend or attack. Severity of the hate speech can determine a longer punishment length

Hate speech is not allowed anywhere on the network, even in PMs or Team Chats.

Harassment/Personal Attacks
(3h Mute -> 1d Ban -> 3d Ban -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Intentional harassment or attacks of another player.

Death, DDos, Dox, and SWAT Threats
(Permanent Ban)
Anything containing a direct serious threat to someone’s safety, wellbeing or privacy can be classified as death / ddos / dox / swat threats.

Releasing personal information
(Permanent Ban)
Releasing any kind of personal information about others. This may be full names, phone numbers, addresses or anything of the like.

(Warning -> 1h Mute -> 6h Mute -> 1d Ban)
When a player is attempting to impersonate another player or a staff member through /nick or any other method.

Blatant Advertising
(Permanent Ban)
Blatant advertisement is when a player is advertising IP’s to the server / spamming the IP’s to a server.

Unintentional Advertising
(30m Mute -> 3h Mute -> 7d Ban)
Unintentional advertising is when a player asks another player to for example come to another server (just saying the server name does not count unless it’s an IP)

Social Media Advertisement
(Warning -> 1h Mute -> 6h Mute)
This is when a player without permissions is advertising any form of personal social media.

(Warning -> 30m Mute -> 3h Mute -> 12h Mute)
This is when a player is accusing another player of hacking in public chat instead of reporting it.

Inappropriate Name
(Permanent ban until changed)
Having a name that does not follow one or more of our rules, such as swearing. [Appeal when changed to be unbanned]

Inappropriate Skin
(Permanent ban until changed)
Having a skin that’s breaking our rules such as skins that feature nudity or offensive language. [Appeal when changed to be unbanned]

Inappropriate Links
(1d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Inappropriate links are links to any NSFW sites or content.

Inappropriate Builds
(1d Ban -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Inappropriate builds such as racist symbols or other nsfw content.

Inappropriate Warps
(12h Ban -> 1d Ban -> 3d Ban)
Warps with inappropriate names that break any of our chat rules

Third Party Trades
(7d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Offering or trading or requesting any items outside of Eartha (CSGO Skins, Optifine cape, ect.) or IRL money for a service in game.

Hacked Client/Disallowed Modifications
(7d > 14d > Perm)
30d -> Permanent Ban (Factions)
Make sure to check out the thread on the forums about Allowed and Disallowed Mods. Macros and Scripts fall under the next rule.

(Kick > 2d Ban > 1 Week Ban > Perm ban)
Anything that loops commands or automatically performs tasks for you without having to do anything is prohibited. This includes external programs or first party interference such as weighting your keyboard or mouse.

Exploiting / Abusing a plugin
(Players can appeal and it will be handled on a case to case basis)
Using a bug to for example duplicate gear/items, anything that would give you an unfair advantage, is considered exploiting. If you stumble upon something that you think is an exploit, contact an administrator so it can be fixed as soon as possible. The above punishment length tree is most likely to change depending on the severity of your offense. The severity of the bug determines the length of your ban. Typically we generously reward players who report game-breaking bugs.

(Permanent Ban)
Forcefully refunding a purchase on the Ertha store.

Ban Evading
(IP Ban Twice the length of the original ban -> Permanent IP Ban)
Logging in on any of Ertha’s servers using an alt when your main (or other) account has been banned.
Evading a ban for an inappropriate username or skin is allowed and will not result in you being punished.

Mute Evading
(IP Mute twice the length of the original mute -> Permanent IP Mute)
Mute evading using, for example, an alt account. (Using signs to talk when muted is allowed.)
Using commands to bypass a mute punishment such as /f create, /ah, /auc with renamed items to talk, or any other command to bypass your mute will result in an IP Ban (with length specified above). If you are evading a perm mute you will receive a 30d ban.

Alt limit
(Warning -> 1d Ban -> 7d IP Ban)
Each player is allowed to have up to 10 accounts online at the same time. Trying to bypass this limit with proxies or a VPN is not allowed.

Setting homes / warps without permission
(1d Ban -> 3d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Setting a home or warp on another players island or land without permission.
Setting a home or warp in a PvP arena or spawn.
Illegal warps will be forcefully deleted.

Exploiting PvP rewards system
(3d Ban -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban)
Constantly killing players to complete quests and receive PvP rewards or boost your KDR. This also includes kill feeding.

Abusing PvP Regions
(Warning -> 3h Ban -> 1d Ban -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Abusing any forms of PvP regions is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:
Abusing unintended Safezone spots in PvP (either for safety or advantage)
Escaping PvP arenas to return to Safezone by any means
Hitting / pulling other players into PvP while in Safezone / Warzone
Abusing other forms of damage while in Safezone/Spawn (custom enchantments, fishing rods)
You are not allowed to crouch over the edge of PvP and hit players into the arena.
You are not allowed to crouch over the edge of PvP and attack players inside the arena.
If you are in the PvP Arena, you are not allowed to attack players crouching over the edge.
You may only attack players if they are fully inside the arena.

Abusing Cosmetic perks in PVP
(Punished under Abusing PvP Regions)
Abusing any cosmetic perks in PVP is not allowed. Cosmetic perks includes but is not limited to our Cosmetics plugin, disguises and the use of the /speed command. Classifications for this rule may be added at any time depending on the ability to abuse and the severity.

Staff Disrespect / Server Disrespect
(Warning -> 12h Mute -> 1d Ban -> 7d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Staff members give up their own free time to help all players on the network voluntarily. We expect players to treat them with respect the same way they would treat you with respect. Being disrespectful towards staff members is not allowed.

Being disrespectful towards the server as a whole, or making hateful comments about the server is not allowed.

Abusing HelpOp or StaffMsg
(Warn -> 30m Ban -> 3h Ban -> 6h Ban)
Abusing the /helpop or /smsg command is not allowed and will result in you being punished

Nickname Rules
(Warn > 1h Mute> 3h Mute > 12h Ban)
Nicknames with underline, magic letters, strikethrough, or symbols are not allowed. Bold and colored nicknames are allowed. 

Nickname Length
(Warn > 1h Mute> 3h Mute > 12h Ban)
Although the character limit for nicknames is 30, you are only allowed nicknames of 15 characters in length maximum. Make use of the other 15 characters for color codes

Claim Trapping
(Warning -> 12h Ban -> 1d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Claiming around someone else's claim purely to annoy and trap them is not allowed and may result in your claims being removed without warning. Directly claiming next to a kingdom is also prohibited, any kingdom must be at least 2 chunks away from another kingdom.

(3d Ban -> 7d Ban)
Destroying blocks, stealing protected items or killing rare animals / mobs inside claimed land is not allowed. (If you have kingdom permissions allowing people to do so, it is at your own risk and won't count towards griefing and will therefore not be punishable)
Intentionally griefing around borders (this does not apply to unclaimed buildings) of a kingdom's claims is also falls under this punishment.

TP/Warp Trapping or TP/Warp Killing
(1d Ban -> 3d Ban -> 7d Ban -> 30d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
When a player sends or is sent a teleport request or is told to warp somewhere with the purpose to trap or kill in any way. This applies to teleport requests and warps.

(If you're hesitant about a teleport, make sure you capture your game. This way, if they do trap or kill you we can help you out.)

(1d Ban -> 3d Ban -> 7d Ban -> Permanent Ban)
Making any sort of trade where one person doesn’t give the promised item/service etc.
This also applies to joining a players kingdom with the intent of stealing items, or purposely kicking a player from your kingdom or party with the intent of killing them for their items.

Inappropriate land/kingdom/faction names
(Force change name + warn -> 1d Ban (Leader) -> 7d Ban (Leader))
Any sort of inappropriate land/kingdom names. Staff determines what is and what isn't inappropriate.

Glitching into bases
(12h Ban -> 1d Ban -> 3d Ban)
Using any method of glitching such as chorus fruit, block glitches or ender pearl glitches to get into sealed off bases is not allowed.

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